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Total Shoulder Replacement Specialist

David Liao, DO -  - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. David Liao Orthopaedic Center, LLC

David Liao, DO

Orthopaedic Surgeon located in Hunt County, Greenville, TX

Although knee or hip replacement surgery may be more common and well-known, 53,000 Americans have shoulder replacement surgery each year. David Liao, DO of Dr. David Liao Orthopaedic Center, LLC, is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in total shoulder replacement surgeries. With two Texas locations -- Greenville in Hunt County and Royse City in Rockwall County -- Dr. Liao uses the latest techniques and technologies for the most effective and efficient treatments. Call the office to schedule a shoulder consultation today.

Total Shoulder Replacement Q & A

What is total shoulder replacement?

Total shoulder replacement surgery is similar to knee or hip replacement surgery in that it corrects a deteriorated joint. Often, as men and women age, various forms of arthritis or degenerative joint diseases affect the major joints in the body. The primary goal of total shoulder replacement is to relieve pain and restore range of motion, so the shoulder is fully functioning again.

Arthritis in your shoulder can make it difficult to move your arm, because the cartilage is no longer there, or there isn’t enough of it. When this happens, your shoulder is bone rubbing on bone, without the cushion of the soft, smooth cartilage. During shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Liao removes the damaged parts of your shoulder joint and replaces them with artificial ones.

What is reverse total shoulder replacement?

For adults with arthritis, a total shoulder replacement is often very successful, but for those with a torn rotator cuff or a complex condition called “cuff tear arthropathy,” a reverse total shoulder replacement is better at relieving pain and restoring motion. Dr. Liao often performs reverse shoulder replacements on men and women who have a rotator cuff that is beyond repair. Unlike traditional shoulder replacement, a reverse shoulder replacement allows other muscles, instead of the rotator cuff, to move your shoulder.

Who is a good candidate for reverse total shoulder replacement?

After careful examination and X-rays, Dr. Liao makes a diagnosis, and may recommend reverse total shoulder replacement if you have any of the following conditions:

  • A complex shoulder joint fracture
  • Severe shoulder pain and trouble lifting your arm overhead or to the side
  • Chronic shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder joint tumors
  • Irreparable rotator cuff or cuff tear arthropathy

Which type of shoulder replacement will work for me?

Since Dr. Liao is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, he recommends which type of surgery is best for your specific condition. You may be a good candidate for total shoulder replacement if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Shoulder pain that continues at night and often prevents you from sleeping
  • Severe shoulder pain that limits your daily activities like reaching, dressing, and showering
  • Weakness and loss of motion in your shoulder
  • No signs of improvement, even though you’ve tried other treatments and therapies

The first step in learning about shoulder replacement is calling for an appointment today.