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Hip Replacement Specialist

David Liao, DO -  - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. David Liao Orthopaedic Center, LLC

David Liao, DO

Orthopaedic Surgeon located in Hunt County, Greenville, TX

Nobody looks forward to having hip replacement surgery, but when you decide it’s time, David Liao, DO of Dr. David Liao Orthopaedic Center, LLC, can help make it as smooth as possible. Dr. Liao is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip replacement surgeries. With two Texas locations, Greenville in Hunt County and Royse City in Rockwall County, Dr. Liao is the only physician in both counties who performs small-incision hip replacements, so you can have a shorter hospital stay and easier recovery. Call the office to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Hip Replacement Q & A

What is the procedure for a hip replacement?

There are different types of hip replacement surgeries, and depending on your condition. Dr. Liao provides total hip replacement, using both conventional and anterior approaches, as well as minimally invasive hip replacement with robotic assistance. A total hip replacement restores damaged bone and cartilage with prosthetic parts.

First, Dr. Liao removes the damaged bone in your hip socket and places a metal stem into the hollow part of your femur (leg bone). The metal stem is sometimes cemented, or “press fit” into the femur.

Next, he places a ball, made of either ceramic or plastic that’s much like your hip joint, on the top of the stem that is attached to your femur. Then he removes any damaged cartilage surrounding the joint and replaces it with a metal socket. Screws or cement hold this piece in place.

To complete the surgery, Dr. Liao places a plastic, ceramic, or metal spacer between the new ball and socket to allow the pieces to glide smoothly, and naturally, like your original hip joint used to do.

How does robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery work?

Robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery helps improve the precision of the surgery. Dr. Liao plans and executes your surgery using a robotic system that helps to more accurately align your leg and hip joint. Robotic-assisted surgery gives him the technology he needs to perform a precise surgery that is customized to your specific needs. The outcome is improved joint function and a minimally-invasive procedure.

How do I know it’s time for a hip replacement?

As with many areas of the human body, as you age, your joints experience wear and tear. The hip is one of the largest joints in your body, so when it’s causing you pain or making it difficult to walk, you may want to see an experienced orthopaedic surgeon like Dr. Liao for an evaluation.

To determine if it’s time for a total or anterior hip replacement, Dr. Liao asks about your medical history, the extent of pain in your hip, and how much the pain affects your daily activities. He also performs a physical exam to assess the mobility and strength of your hip, along with X-rays and other tests necessary to determine the extent of damage or deterioration to your hip.

Once Dr. Liao determines your specific condition, he helps you explore options for the type of hip surgery you may benefit from.

What are the symptoms of a deteriorating hip joint?

Depending on the severity of an injured or degenerating hip, you may have any of the following symptoms:

  • Hip pain that never goes away
  • Stiffness in your hip that makes it hard to move
  • Difficulty walking, bending, or participating in daily activities without pain
  • Dependency on pain medication without much relief
  • Little or no improvement in range of motion, even if you tried physical therapy

If you’ve been suffering from hip pain, call Dr. Liao to schedule a consultation today at your preferred office location in Greenville or Royse City, Texas.